Passive Wood Houses

Wood houses construction market situation.

Central Europe

Inventive producers push the market forward.
Growing acceptance of the wood house concept in France.


Great Britain / Ireland

A higher grade of machines automatisation in Ireland.
Accelerated growth of house buildings.
The image of the wood house is, again, in growth in Great Britain.


Southern Europe

Broad accepting of the wood house concept.
Request of holidays houses growing.
Gap in know-how for wood house building in Italy and Spain.



After 10 years crisis in construction field, the demands are now growing.
Powerfull domination of wood houses.


Eastern Europe

Creating new jobs in construction field.
Higher purchase power.
Improvement of residences quality.


North America

85% of the houses are built with Stick Framing method.
Only 5% from market are prefabricated houses (actually 100.000 houses).
Estimated prefabricates houses growth to about 20% until 2012