How to buy

How can you make your dream come true?

How do I begin? This is the question everyone is asking when they want to build a house.
You can find a list with the steps you have to follow:

  • You have to establish a budget
  • Choose a plan
  • Choose an architect
  • Choose a date for your house to be completed

Depending on the size of the construction we can suggest you some plans to inspire you, so that after we discuss about it we could draw a draft which will help our designers making the final plans.

Also, we could then let you know the price of the construction (depending on the wood quantity we are going to use, labor, equipment, etc.).

We will send you the final price splitted on parts and also details about transportation and final assembling.

During development we will keep you posted with images of the pre-assembling phase, so that you’ll always know how the job stands.

Payment method
At the beginning of the planning phase you should pay 10% of the total value of the construction.
At the beginning of the construction you should pay 35% of the total. The difference of 50% is due on transport preparation, before shipping, and the rest of 5% after final assembling.

Need more info?
You can contact us using the form on contact form.