Building Steps

How we chose the wood
For building the log homes we select the most healthier and robust trees and we bark them and put them on stacks for drying. We use spruce fir logs with the diameter between 24 – 34 cm.

How is the wood prepared
Before using, the wood is sorted by dimensions, manually barked and the knotty and irregular areas are finished and treated in order to avoid coloration.

How we build
The construction: cutting, fitting, isolation

The construction is made by a canadian technique of wood fitting, which our team is very good at. Our constructors are working with ability, passion and talent, each piece being analyzed in a different way, marked and then cut so that the fitting is perfect.

  • wood treating - wood is treated with antifungic solution, that protects the wood against mushroom spread and xylophage insects (including termites).
  • pre-assembling - is the step where the construction is assembled at our company and the beneficiary can see it before it is desassembled and prepared for transportation.
  • packing and transportation - packing is needed in order to protect the pieces during transportation.
  • final assembling - is made on the construction site, after the foundation of the house was built.