About Us

Our Company

Operativ Construct opened its gates at the beginning of 2003.

Our projects consist of residential and commercial structures of all sizes, from simple shapes to impressive wood structures.

We are known for providing high quality materials and services, as this is our top priority. This is established by carefully selecting our wood, processing it with professional machinery after designing every piece by using our special software.

We're truly passionate about our work . We constantly seek to offer our clients the best services, including attention to details, high quality materials and overall, exceptional value.

Our team consists of creative, hardworking people who unite their efforts into offering you, our client, the ultimate wooden dream house – timeless design, efficiently built, something we can always take pride in.

Our company and production site are located in a mountain area, filled with certified forests, which provide us with high quality wood , allowing us to create exceptional wood structures for reasonable prices. After being selected, the logs are stored outside, which allows them to naturally dry.

Our wood stock provides us with the right pieces for each individual project. We can be fast and efficient concerning any production modification that may come along the way. Our purpose is creating structures that can be easily and efficiently assembled on site with no need of special machinery.

Operativ Construct takes full responsibility when it comes to our natural surroundings. Our wood comes from European certified forests under silvicultural regime, making sure these ecosystems maintain their biodiversity and vitality.